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Academic Advising

  1. Academic Advising @ HKU

    The Academic Advising Office (AAO) is a central office staffed with seasoned academic advisers and experienced administrators to co-ordinate academic advising initiatives and development across Faculties, and to assist students in understanding the overall University requirements, general academic procedures, and options.


  2. Academic Advising @ FBE

    At the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE), the Faculty Academic Advising System consists of a Faculty Academic Advising Co-ordinator, Faculty Temporary Academic Advisers, Academic Advisers, Student Academic Advisers and programme administrators.

    Year 1 students can sign up for a Faculty Academic Adviser during a specified period who can provide advice and guidance on academic-related issues. Students can locate the name of their Academic Adviser in the self-service section of the SIS portal (Self-service → Student Center → Adviser).

    The Faculty Office consists of a team of administrators who can advise students on regulatory matters (i.e., regulations and syllabuses). Students should approach the Faculty Office when they are faced with questions about the regulations and syllabuses of their degree programme.

    Academic and programme administrators in the Faculty Office
    AdministratorRoleRelated programme
    Dr. Tao LinFaculty Academic Advising Co-ordinatorOverall
    Dr. Tao LinFaculty Temporary Academic AdviserProgrammes offered to
    non-FBE students
    Dr. Jasmine KwongFaculty Temporary Academic AdviserProgrammes offered to
    non-FBE students
    Ms. Ada LamAdministrative AssistantBBA(Law)&LLB/BFin(AMPB)
    Ms. Connie LeungAdministrative Assistant IIBBA/BBA(IBGM)/BBA(IS)
    Miss Karen WuAdministrative Assistant IIBEcon/BEcon&Fin/BSc(QFin)
    Miss Christine HoProgramme ManagerBBA(Acc&Fin)
    Miss Silvia LamSenior Programme ManagerEnrichment programmes
    Ms. Eunice ChanProgramme ManagerEnrichment programmes
    Ms. Laraine KoProgramme ManagerEnrichment programmes
    Ms. Jessica LukProgramme ManagerEnrichment programmes


  3. Student Handbook for Year 1 students



  4. Useful Information for Teachers and Students